Our company


Time cannot be stopped, however its ramifications on different materials can be halted, especially when they are exposed to extraordinary stresses. We at KBB/MEISSL have successfully proved our expertise in professional anti-corrosion prevention as well as concrete refurbishment for many years. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of coating solutions for fire prevention.

The KBB/MEISSL group is a full-range supplier and quality leader in coating technologies within Austria and we also handle international projects. The company comprises of the head office in Fischamend, two state of the art plants in Lower Austria near Vienna and in Corinthia near Klagenfurt , as well as an office in upper Austria. With a workforce of approx. 200 employees we offer the most complete and the highest quality services.

Our leadership in quality is distinguished through specialized personnel who are continuously trained as well as by first class equipment that fulfills high-end technological standards. Certifications for quality and security underline our leadership position. Quality in all aspects is central to our performance.

Our interesting portfolio is focused on our three core capabilities of anti-corrosion prevention, concrete refurbishment and fire protection. These stand the test of time against cyclical economic fluctuations and secure our position in the market. Our continued growth is generated through anti cyclic growth policies and taking equity capital as a basis.

The foundation for our position in the market was the consolidation of the two companies KBB and OM MEISSL. OM MEISSL was a traditional business that was founded in 1879 in Vienna and can therefore look back to more than a century of experience. Today, we offer services for demanding clients and customers from all around the world who expect high standards. We realize projects as a full-service supplier from the planning of the building site to completion within Austria, Europe and internationally.



Factory in Kleinneusiedl: 17.000 m2
Factory in St. Paul: 2.500 m2

Hall space

Factory in Kleinneusiedl: 6.000 m2
Factory in St. Paul: 2.000 m2

Crane System

Factory in Kleinneusiedl: 50 t
Factory in St. Paul: 50 t

Blasting Box

Factory in Kleinneusiedl: 2 boxes, 12×4,5×4,2 m (Incl. blasting box using glass fibre)
Factory in St. Paul: 15x7x6 m
Both blasting boxes can be lengthened.