Intumescent coatings

Eurovision Songcontest Halle 2012 (crystal hall), Brandschutzsystem auf der Stahlkonstruktion

Crystal Hall 2012, fire prevention system on steel construction, Baku/Azerbaijan

Intumescent coatings are offered as an option for protecting steel or concrete constructions. These so-called intumescent foams macerate in the case of fire. Once they are extended to a multiple of their original layer thickness, voids are formed which consequently reduce the temperature and postpone the breakdown of the construction part which stabilizes the general structure.

The advantage of this coating solution is its variability and the possibility to modify it to any steel construction due to the minimal layer thickness. Additionally it is architecturally neutral and can be coated with any color. The surface generally is very smooth.

Depending on our clients’ needs we calculate the required layer thickness and the respective protection category. We assist customers from the preparation phase of a project forwards as competent consultants and we construct sample panels and models adjusted to the actual building parts. We offer the highest quality based on our know-how and our experience as trusted applicators.


Entschichtung unter Bleikontamination in dichter Einhausung und Applikation eines Brandschutzsystems.