Lining and coating of water tanks

Da es sich hier um ein Lebensmittel handelt, ist es besonders wichtig die aktuellsten Verfahren anzuwenden.

Committed to our drinking water
“Since this is food, use of approved procedures is especially important.”

We have more than half a decade of experience in competent and high-quality lining and coating of water tanks. As the only provider in the Austrian market, we have certified ourselves under the German Water Resources Act (WHG standard) to continuously operate at the highest quality level. At the moment there is no law in Austria that can be compared to the WHG standard. Additionally we are members of a drinking water interest group (FIWA) as well as the Union for Drinking Water (ÖVGW).


To protect our valuable drinking water from long term pollution and contamination we undertake the refurbishment of concrete surfaces with special materials. Elaborate work processes with a high level of hygiene as well as the use of highly leak-proof cement mortar linings are required. What we guarantee is a complete quality management system starting with production at the provider to the processing and the follow-up. Furthermore we control our work not only ourselves but have an external auditor to double check. It is obligatory to analyze the laboratory parameters for verification of the agreed quality standards. The special mortar we use is microbiologically safe and without organic substances. It is stable against hydrolyses, waterproof and open to vapour diffusion. The product is suitable for wet and permanently watercoated surfaces and displays high adhesion to the subsurface as well as great density and low porosity. The materials used for repair fulfill all applicable and required


inspections and data sheets. In the casethat the water composition does not allow the use of mineral mortar, we offer an alternative of a certified coating formed from epoxy resin. This has an advantage over other commonly used alternatives since it enables the construction to be bare and does not require casing. We are the leaders in the application of these technologies and are therefore able to provide a diversified portfolio in the methods of refurbishment: dry or wet injection methods as well as HDW radiation up to 2800 bar among others.
“The choice of the right method is best agreed on after a joint survey.”