Rubber coatings

Mitarbeiter Gummierung

Customization of complex shapes

Laufrad gummiert

Preparation of impeller wheel before vulcanization in autoclave

We are the sole business in Austria who offer rubber coatings on the construction site as well as in our factory.

Rubber coatings applied in our factory are mainly used inside containers and pipes and offer the best possible protection against abrasive and aggressive substances such as concentrated hydrochloric acid. The areas intended for machining are coated with respectively tailored rubber foils and then afterwards cured at 6 bar and 14 degrees Celsius. The two autoclaves in our factory in Kleinneusiedl can house containers up to four meters in diameter and a maximum of up to 10 meters length. Curing is done via hotair method.

When applying rubber coatings on site, we either use pre-cured rubber foils which are glued on the metallic surface using a special adhesive layer or another product can be used which then rapidly cures after application due to the ambient temperature or using an additional hot-air supply.