PVC-dipped coating



Our high level of technological diversification can be seen in the application of plastisol coatings. Arbosol is a dip coating based on PVC and is mainly used as an alternative to rubber coatings against abrasive damage due to the spray mist in flue gas cleaning units.

The work pieces intended for coating are heated up to about 190 degrees Celsius and dipped in a basin filled with arbosol. Through this process, around a 3 to 8 mm thick rubberlike layer is gelatinized onto the work piece depending on its thermal balance. We have an approximately 7 meter long pool which chemically allows parts to be permanently protected whose constructional design will not permit rubber coating.

Querschnitt einer Rohrleitung mit vollflächiger Tauchbeschichtung. Flanschdichtflächen wurde geschliffen.

Profile of a pipe with full-screen dip coating.
Flange facings have been grinded