Asbestos abatement

Asbestos abatement is one of our specialist fields, not least because of our experience and our well-trained team. We hold a permission for the disposal and treatment of asbestos waste with the code numbers “31413 cement dust contaminated with asbestos” as well as “31437 dust or waste contaminated with asbestos” defined by the Austrian Waste Management Act (Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz).

According to given requirements, we offer different methods of asbestos abatement whereby all rehabilitation works are conducted in accordance with the strict legal regulations. The urgency for the rehabilitation works is ascertained based on the Austrian standard ÖNORM M 9406 via a points system. All procedures are adapted to the given framework conditions on site. This enables us to perform rehabilitation works during ongoing operations without interruption of workflows.

Method I – Removal of products containing asbestos

Removal or demolishment of products containing asbestos; treatment of the hazardous waste before transportation to the disposal site; disposal of labelled waste.

Method II – Dustproof partitioning of the asbestos-containing materials

Production of a sustainable and durable segregation of the asbestos-containing product and its environment by means of resilient components and durable flexible joints; including labelling of the asbestos-containing materials.

Method III – Stabilisation and coating (sealing) of products containing asbestos

Establishment of a lasting dust-free protective layer between the product containing asbestos and its surroundings through reinforcement and coating; including labelling of the asbestos-containing materials.